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Video Game Shirts For Hangry Gamer Gear

Fun Side Project For Gaming Industry Friend

Trending video game tshirts for all gamersI’ve been fortunate to know many people in the design and programming industry through my career. However, one of my favorite people is a fellow by the name of Mitchell Russell. Mitch and I met in Canada years ago when I was producing audio commercials and designing print ads for an advertising agency. Mitch was a high school student who came on board as an intern for credit to assist us with some early Internet web design back in 1996 as well as internal programming and he was a natural. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Mitch was passionate and dedicated to his craft and I’ve always stayed in touch with him through the years, both professionally, and as a friend.

A while ago Mitchell asked me to assist with some design on a few personal projects he has been setting up online. One such project is a site dedicated to something we both enjoy; that being video games.

Hangry Gamer Gear Shirts and HoodiesHangry Gamer Gear was born from Mitch’s love of all things video games and I was immediately on board to assist. As video games were a central part, and still are, of our lives, it only made sense that something should be done to make a business out of it. Though Mitch could probably also be programming these games, and I could be making graphics for them, it was the lure of independence that brought the idea to reality. As the world changes, and more “creative and programming talent” is stressed beyond measure or farmed out to other countries, the gamers should find a way to capitalize here Stateside.

I invite you to view the site and see some of the designs I’ve created. Though the site is very new and only a select number of items are available, you should keep coming back. Love of video games, and memes, means we will continue to create fun and unique items for your purchase.

I’m proud of the designs created so far and am excited to do more. Should there be a game you enjoy playing and want a shirt created to express your own idea, just let me know! I’m happy to entertain ideas to see if an item can be put together for your purchase at Hangry Gamer Gear!

Thank you Mitch for the opportunity!

VISIT: to view and purchase fun and topical gamer shirts!

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