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Go Big When Buying Stock Photos

What to look for when purchasing royalty free images online for marketing There are several articles online that provide excellent information on how stock photos work and what the basic rules are in terms of pricing, licensing and so on. If you do a Google search for such information you will find what you need. This article is a focus…

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Required Reading

Graphic requirements are there for a reason In the last 21 years I’ve worked with countless vendors that supply printing and other production services for graphics and each would have a graphic requirements sheet to use as a guide for submitting files. Though the printing industry has several standards depending on the style of output, you would be surprised at…

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Graphic Design Isn’t Art

A company brochure may be pretty, but your designer should never think it is artwork Years ago I was asked to make a brief presentation to a graphic design class at a college. I had been working in the industry for about five years and had hundreds of successful designs under my belt but felt there was an important point…

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