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Area Exhibits & Alaska Airlines Custom Exhibit Success

When standards meet innovation, your custom exhibit can be unlike anything else.

I was recently honored to be a very small part of the Alaska Airlines custom exhibit completed by AREA Exhibit Design & Build in Seattle, WA. The island exhibit in question is a true custom from start to finish with a mixture of both industry standard elements as well as unique builds only done by AREA.

Custom displays can range in price from quite reasonable to very outlandish depending on your goals and budget. However, should you be in the market for something that is very unique I highly recommend AREA. I was able to work with them over the last month on a few projects and I must say I am very impressed with their work. AREA is a small boutique shop that caters to a limited list of clients and if you can fit into their schedule you won’t be disappointed.

The Alaska display mixes traditional SEG extrusion graphics with custom wood built items and “on site” custom trimmed fabric graphics fixed to hardware with an industry secret method. In the end you receive a full service construction and set up from beginning to end so that the result is perfect every time. Your build team is there for every step with personal service.

Budget is always a concern when considering custom builds. However, should you be a bit open to suggestion and price, you should always consider new and unique directions instead of the usual shapes and constructs that you see on the show floor today.

Congratulations to AREA for a great build and result. And thank you for allowing me to be a very small part of the preparation.

Below are a few photos of the install and then the event itself.

Alaska Airlines Exhibit 1

Alaska Airlines Exhibit 2

Alaska Airlines 3

Alaska Airlines 4

Alaska Airlines 5 Alaska Airlines 6 Alaska Airlines 7 Alaska Airlines 8


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